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Car Stickers – All Spelled Out

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Some of our customers get confused when we talk about ‘car (window) stickers’.

So we thought we would spell it all out…nice and easy.

Here goes….

C is for Car. It’s where we stick the stickers. Most of the time when we refer to ‘car stickers’ we mean ‘car window stickers’.

A is for Adhesive. Generally, they are sticky (although some do come with a static-cling non-sticky backing.

R is for Removable. Car stickers can be made with either a permanent or removable adhesive.

S is for Sticker. (Kind of obvious).

T is for Transparent. All car stickers begin their life as transparent vinyl.

I is for Individuals. Our car stickers are normally provided as individuals.

C is for Cut. Our car stickers are cut out from sheets of self-adhesive vinyl.

K is for Knife. This is the tool that cuts your stickers into singles.

E is for Examined. As they come off the machine each batch of car stickers is examined and quality controlled.

R is for Reverse Printed. Car stickers for windows are reverse printed onto the non-sticky side of clear vinyl and then white backed.

Eh, voila. Car Stickers all spelled out….

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