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The History of Sticker Printing

7 months ago 1053 Views 1 comment

This article explores the history of sticker printing, tracing the earliest stickers to the Ancient Egpytians, through to the modern-day techniques of flexographic and digital printing.

Colour Stickers, Colour Labels and Colour Sticker Printing

1 years ago 1061 Views No comments

Printing stickers has evolved over the years. Traditional sticker printing produced stickers using spot colours, such as Pantone colours, often by screen printing. Spot colours are essentially a limited set of pre-defined colours.

The useful aspect of spot colours is that because colour choice is limited to a defined colour chart colour-matching is made more possible. The list of colours can be quite extensive as in the case of Pantone, or quite restricted as with some digital spot colour printers such as the Gerber Edge printers, using thermal transfer printing technology.

However, with the advancement of digital inkjet printing most short-run sticker printing is now done in full colour.

Different types of Window Stickers

1 years ago 1130 Views No comments

The popularity of digitally printed window stickers comes from the fact that digital printing has relatively low setup costs, making the production of digital stickers very economical.

This article explores the different types of window sticker and explains the different between them.

Car Stickers – All Spelled Out

1 years ago 876 Views No comments

Some of our customers get confused when we talk about ‘car (window) stickers’.

So we thought we would spell it all out…nice and easy.

Car Stickers, Window Stickers, Window Graphics, Window Clings

1 years ago 868 Views No comments

We have years of experience in the designing and printing of all manner and description of stickers, graphics and clings for an endless variety of uses and applications.

We’re fully kitted out with up to the minute full colour digital, litho & screenprinting presses, to ensure a full one-stop solution for the printing of Window stickers and graphics of any quantity and description.

Terms Used in the Sticker Printing Industry

1 years ago 768 Views No comments

The language used in the sticker printing industry can sometimes be difficult to understand.

In this article we explain the most common words and terminology used.

The Different Types of Car Stickers

1 years ago 1103 Views No comments

For different people the word car stickers can mean different things.

So, here is some useful definitions to help to clear things up:

Applying Window Stickers and Graphics.

1 years ago 880 Views No comments

This page offers some tips and advice when applying window-graphics vinyl and window decals.

Sticker Options Explained.

1 years ago 1351 Views No comments

Edge Stickers offers more options to customise your stickers than any other UK supplier. From finish to adhesive the number of choices can sometimes be daunting, especially for the first-time sticker buyer.

In this article we explain all the different options you can choose from.