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Sticker Options Explained.

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In this article we explain some sticker options we offer.


Here you choose whether you want your vinyl stickers to have a gloss (shiny), or a matte finish.

Most of our customers choose the gloss finish. However, the matte stickers are becoming more popular and look very stylish, authentic and classy.

Please note: The matte stickers tend to have a shorter outdoor life than the vinyl gloss stickers (about 1 year compared to 4 years).


Our economy vinyl stickers currently come with a choice of two adhesive types: Permanent and Removable.

Removable adhesive has 3 times less bond than permanent adhesive and is more easily removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Permanent adhesive bonds over the lifespan of the sticker and can be difficult to remove after the sticker has been in place for many months and years. If a permanent vinyl sticker has been in place for some time they will only come off by applying heat (e.g. a hairdryer) to them. The heat loosens up the adhesive allowing them to be peeled off easily.

Removable stickers can be removed easily within the first 12 months of initial application to a surface. Within this time they can normally be removed without leaving any adhesive residue. Generally, they can often be repositioned, although each reposition can reduce the overall bond life of the sticker. After 12 months, however, the removable property diminishes and the sticker becomes like a permanent sticker and more difficult to remove.


Our protective lamination adds an extra layer of protection and quality to your sticker.

You would normally laminate a digitally printed sticker to protect against:

  • abrasion or scratching;
  • solvent cleaners and other chemicals.

We generally achieve our lamination by overlaying a clear, transparent film of vinyl onto the surface of your sticker. This has the effect of doubling the thickness of your sticker (to approximateley 200 microns).


We can present your stickers on sheets or as individuals (for handouts).

Presentation on sheets is FREE OF CHARGE. However, we charge extra for presenting your stickers as individuals.

When you choose to have your stickers presented as sheets, the sheet size will be normally approximate to A4.

Number Of Designs

To save you money, we now allow you to split your order over multiple designs, but ONLY IF THE SIZE OF EACH DESIGN IS THE SAME.

For example, if you require 1000 stickers, split between a blue design and a red design, then you will select 2 from the Number of Designs option.

This will allow you to maximise your quantity discount and avoid keep on paying our minimum order charge.

By default we will split your order evenly over the number of designs (e.g. for 2 designs over 1000 stickers we will print each design 500 times). However, if you wish for us to split the sticker unevenly then please let us know by entering comments in the comment field during checkout.