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​Using Clear stickers to create brand awareness on packaging

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Using Clear stickers to create brand awareness on packaging

Transparent stickers are a great way to instantly add your logo and brand identity to a whole host of products and packaging at a reasonably low cost.

There are a growing number of artisan companies throughout the UK, always looking at new ways to get your company name and brand seen without having to buy ready printed products.

Edge stickers have been printing transparent stickers and custom made clear labels for years and years. We print clear stickers from your artwork, so whatever size you need, in whatever shape, we can tailor-make your stickers!

Where can clear stickers be used?

There are lots of options but because the background is translucent, they can be added to bags, boxes, packaging and many companies are producing them as bespoke seals when wrapping their products.

They don’t just have to be used on the packaging, they can add details to your product and if you have a whole range of different flavours or varieties, we can print multiple designs.

What types of clear stickers and labels are available?

We offer a range of products each custom made to suit your requirements. The stickers can have either a matt or gloss finish and are available with a choice of permanent or removable adhesive. The clear labels are produced using your artwork and can be cut to (almost) any shape.

How much will it cost?

As with anything there are always greater savings with economies of scale to be had, but Edge stickers have no minimum order quantity.

Bade Newby 1 years ago at 11:29
Your sticks is very durable. Thanks
Marcus Barrett 4 months ago at 05:19
that's a great ideastickers can be useful many ways.