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​What’s stuck to your car window???

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Next time you’re in the car stuck in traffic instead of playing I spy, just take a few minutes to look about at what people are advertising in their car windows. You’ll be surprised what you see! Car window stickers are used as a promotional tool by a whole spectrum of industries, from radio stations, garages and insurance companies to destinations, clubs and events.

Why do they use them? That’s easy! Not only are many stickers given away as a freebie but once a company has managed to get you to display their sticker, in your window, the chances are it will stay there for quite a period of time, especially if they opted for a permanent adhesive, so it’s ongoing advertising.

There is also no restrictions as to which window the stickers can be used on. Companies are using car window stickers as permits or putting the year on for clubs/society/association memberships. For these you would normally opt for removable adhesive or static cling, so they can be taken off easily when required. Another great idea currently being used by a number of Garages is to replace the good old tax disc holder’s allocated window space, with double sided stickers that can be written on, advising when the next MOT or service are due.

Window stickers

What’s more, we might refer to them as “car window stickers” but they aren’t restricted to use in vehicles. These stickers can be displayed on any glass surface i.e. shop windows, doors, glass panels and they can be produced double sided which means you can change the messages or promotions seen by customers, as they are both entering and leaving your store.

So what are the options?

There are so many variations you can have, firstly you need to decide how long the sticker is required for and if they need to be repositioned at all? Once you know this you will know if you need permanent or removable adhesive or even the static cling option. Would they need to be cut to shape? Printed on transparent? Backed in white (to make the image strong)? Single or double sided?

Want to know how you can get your hands on some for your company/club/event etc.? That’s the really easy bit. Simply log on to and you can get an instant price and buy online.