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Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

Die cutting stickers is the process where by both the vinyl sticker and the backing paper are completely cut through to the same shape. The process involves producing a custom made cutting form that is used to punch out the stickers shape.

This process is most cost effective when you are looking to print larger volumes of vinyl stickers or labels and when the decals are likely to require more of the same printing in the future.

Die cutting is particularly popular for shaped window stickers and vinyl stickers.

The other option available is kiss cut decals, this is more cost effective on low volumes. Kiss cut stickers / decals are produced when the sticker is custom cut to the required shape but the cutting blade does not cut through the stickers backing paper. This process eliminates the need for a die cutting tool to be produced and hence is more attractive when lower quantities of custom stickers are needed.

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