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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some of the most common questions that we receive from our many and varied customers. If you can't find the information you are looking for please get in touch via our online instant chat, by phoning 01347 824450 or by sending us a message using our contact form.


How much does delivery cost?

We are currently running a Free Delivery offer for all UK destinations.

For international orders the delivery charge will vary according to the weight and/or order value. We use Royal Mail Special delivery and international courier companies. Our minimum order charge for international orders is £40.

Artwork and Design

In what format do you require my artwork?

For full colour stickers, printed in CMYK (e.g. colour vinyl stickers, window stickers, floor stickers etc) we accept a range of file formats including high resolution PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD, AI.

For certain of our products (i.e. spot colour stickers) we require vector art in the format of Adobe Illustrator.

What is a spot or pantone colour?

This is a specific colour from the standard pantone range.  We can accurately reproduce any pantone reference if required.

What is CMYK?

This is the printing method which makes up a full colour image, ie Photograph, tonal Images etc.  The letters come from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. By providing us CMYK colour references when submitting your artwork we will aim to print as close to these as possible.

CAUTION: If colour matching is critical to your order, please get in touch to discuss this with us. It might be worth organsing a physcial colour match before we print your entire order.

Product Questions

How often can a re-positional self adhesive sticker be moved?

This depends on the surface and cleanliness of the surface but about the same amount of time as you would expect from self cling. The more times a re-positional sticker is moved and reapplied to a surface the shorter the life expectancy becomes. However, if a re-positional sticker is applied only a few times then it can quite easily last several years.

What is the difference between permanent and removable adhesive?

Removable adhesive has 3 times less bond than permanent adhesive and is more easily removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Permanent adhesive bonds over the lifespan of the sticker and can be difficult to remove after it has been in place for many months or years.  If a permanent vinyl sticker has been in place for some time it will only come off by applying heat (e.g. a hairdryer) to them.  The heat loosens up the adhesive allowing the sticker to be peeled off easily.

Removable stickers can be removed from a surface quite easily within the first 12 months of initial application.  Within this time they can normally be taken off without leaving any adhesive residue.  Generally, they can often be repositioned, although each reposition can reduce the overall bond life of the sticker.  After 12 months, however, the removable property diminishes and the sticker becomes like a permanent sticker and more difficult to remove.

How long does the colour last on personalised stickers before it begins to fade?

This depends on the conditions the sticker is subject to (e.g. direct sunlight etc). However, colour fastness on our stickers lasts, on average, between 3 to 5 years in outdoor conditions.

Can our personalised stickers be used outside?

Yes. Our stickers should not be compared to the cheap paper labels that alternative sticker companies are offering. Our stickers are printed on quality self-adhesive vinyl that is water repellent and suitable for outdoor use in the most extreme of conditions.

Does the surface the sticker is going onto require any special preparation?

To ensure your stickers have a long life, ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from grease or polish. If necessary, use a high-alcohol product such as isopropanol to clean the surface.

Will the stickers stay on in, or around, water?

Yes. Some of our stickers have been used on boats, underwater diving tanks and canoes. Simply following the cleaning preparation instructions explained above.

Order Questions

How do I order personalised stickers direct from your website?

Ordering from our website is easy. With just a few clicks you can order your personalised stickers within seconds.

Check out the below video to see how easy it is to order (based on Square Vinyl Stickers)

How are the stickers presented?

You have the option of having your stickers on sheets (approximately A4 size) or presented as individuals (at an additional cost). When ordering online from our website there is a field to select which presentation type you want.

Window stickers are always presented as individuals by default.

Can you cut stickers in different shapes?

Yes. We can produce personalised stickers in any shape. When ordering online you can choose from Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval or Custom shape. The unique selling point of Edge Stickers is that we can cater for virtually any requirement.

Do you have a setup charge?

In the vast majority of cases, no. If your artwork is good enough there is no artwork or setup charge.

However, in some very rare cases where your artwork requires significant modification and has to be re-drawn then we may discuss an additional artwork/setup charge with you.

Do you have a catalogue?

No. We offer bespoke and personalised sticker printing, producing orders directly from your own artwork. All our services are listed on our website.


How do I pay?

If you become a regular customer we can discuss opening an account with you. Otherwise we take most credit cards through our website

Is payment via your site secure?

Yes. Our site is 100% PCI compliant to the highest security standards and has been reviewed by an independent internet security company.

All pages on our site that record personal identifiable data (e.g. names, addresses etc) are encrypted using SSL security encryption.

Furthermore, the payment page is redirected to the SagePay secure server. We do not capture or store credit card information on our site or domain.