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Transparent Stickers

USES AND APPLICATIONS - Transparent Stickers

These transparent stickers have a clear self-adhesive backing and can be used on any clean, grease-free, flat surface. They are waterproof and perfectly suitable for outdoor use. They tend to have a lifespan of up to 4 years.

Very like our standard stickers these transparent stickers can include many sticker types including: Stickers on a Sheet,Die Cut Stckers, Laminated Stickers, Large Format Stickers,Extra Large StickersEnvironment and Recycling Stickers,Plant & Machinery Stickers;and Adventure Sport Stickers.

We print from any artwork - so these stickers are truly unique and bespoke to your personal design, company brand or logo.

Common uses for transparent stickers include (but not limited to):

  • Promotional stickers

  • Car bumper stickers (lamination is recommended)

  • Car stickers or other vehicle applications
  • Event fairs and shows

  • Product labelling

  • Giveaway stickers at trade shows

  • Envelope stickers

  • Marketing and sales promotions

  • Wall stickers and decals

  • Sports equipment

  • Plant & Machinery Stickers

  • Recycling and environmental warning stickers
  • Vehicles, boats, cars etc.

  • Asset stickers



Here you choose whether you want your stickers to have a gloss (shiny), or a matt finish.

Most of our customers choose the gloss finish. However, the matt stickers are becoming more popular and look very stylish, authentic and classy.

Please note: The matt stickers tend to have a shorter outdoor life than the vinyl gloss stickers (about 1 year compared to 4 years).


These transparent vinyl stickers currently come with a choice of two adhesive types:Permanent and Removable.

Removable adhesive has 3 times less bond than permanent adhesive and is more easily removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Permanent adhesive bonds over the lifespan of the sticker and can be difficult to remove after it has been in place for many months or years. If a permanent vinyl sticker has been in place for some time it will only come off by applying heat (e.g. a hairdryer) to them. The heat loosens up the adhesive allowing the sticker to be peeled off easily.

Removable printed transparent stickers can be removed from a surface quite easily within the first 12 months of initial application. Within this time they can normally be taken off without leaving any adhesive residue. Generally, they can often be repositioned, although each reposition can reduce the overall bond life of the sticker. After 12 months, however, the removable property diminishes and the sticker becomes like a permanent sticker and more difficult to remove.


Our protective lamination adds an extra layer of protection and quality to your sticker.

You would normally laminate a digitally printed sticker to protect against:

  • abrasion or scratching; and
  • solvent cleaners and other chemicals

We generally achieve our lamination by overlaying a clear, transparent film of self-adhesive vinyl onto the outer surface of your sticker. This has the effect of doubling the thickness of your sticker (to approximateley 200 microns).


We can present your stickers on sheets or as individuals (for handouts).

When you choose to have your stickers presented as sheets, the sheet size will be normally approximate to ;A4.

Number Of Designs

To save you money, we now allow you to split your order over multiple designs, but ONLY IF THE DIMENSIONS OF EACH DESIGN IS THE SAME.

For example, if you require 1000 stickers, split between a blue design and a red design, then you will select 2 from the Number of Designs option.

This will allow you to maximise your quantity discount and avoid keep on paying our minimum order charge.

By default we will split your order evenly over the number of designs (e.g. for 2 designs over 1000 stickers we will print each design 500 times). However, if you wish for us to split the sticker unevenly then please let us know by entering comments in the comment field during checkout.


Upload your custom artwork file(s) after you have checked out and paid for your order. You will be presented automatically with an artwork screen to upload your artwork files.

Alternatively, you can also go to your account once your order has been placed and use our built in File Uploader.

You can also send us an email will your artwork file attached or as a link to a third party large-file sending application (e.g. Hightail). If you send your artwork this way please remember to quote your order number.

Once received we will send you back a DIGITAL PROOF. This allows you to check the artwork before we print your stickers.

We will not print your custom made stickers before you have 'signed off' on your digital proof.


We have a variety of technologies at our disposal to print your clear stickers.

Usually your stickers will be printed using eco-friendly solvent digital printers, using high-resolution CMYK digital printing technology.This type of vinyl sticker is best priced when the quantity you required is reasonably small. If you require large runs we may often screen printed your job in order to offer you the most competitive prices.

Edge stickers are UK specialists at transparent sticker printing and producing custom made clear labels. We print our clear stickers from your artwork, so whether you are looking for small or large transparent stickers in either round, square, rectangular or die cut shapes or if you have your own bespoke design, we can help!

Clear waterproof vinyl printed transparent stickers are suitable for outdoor use

Custom made clear stickers and transparent labels printed in any shape and size

All our transparent stickers are printed from your personalised artwork in one or multiple designs

Clear stickers can be printed with white ink

No background on your design or logo

Custom printed transparent vinyl labels can be printed on a choice of either permanent or removable adhesive

Our clear stickers are available with either a matt or gloss finish

We offer the option of a clear laminate in either a matt or gloss finish, as an extra layer of protection to your stickers

Delivered throughout the UK

Presented on sheets or as individual stickers

Transparent stickers are also available in large format

Please note that when transparent vinyl is digitally printed the inks are not 100% opaque. Should you require a more opaque finish to your stickers, please contact our team, as Edge stickers can offer a variety of different printing techniques and services for clear labels including foil transfer, screenprinting and white underpinning services (subject to quantities and artwork).

Transparent stickers also look great with a single silver or gold metallic, see our specialist metallic sticker page.

Additional clear sticker options are available upon request including die cut stickers and large format transparent vinyl decals.