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4 Factors to consider when buying floor stickers

1. Surface

The type of surface that the floor graphic is to adhere must be considered, as there are various materials available that can used for the different floorings. Here are a few questions to help clarify your requirements:

Are the stickers to be used indoor or outdoor?

Are they to stick to carpet or hard flooring?

Is the floor concrete?

Are you ordering stickers that are to be used on a variety of floorings?

2. Size

We can print large or small format floor graphics, consideration needs to be given to the space available to display the stickers. For very large graphics it may mean multiple large stickers are required to produce 1 large format image. Smaller stickers will be easier to install.

3. Shape

All our floor stickers are custom made and can be cut to any shape or size to suit your design requirements.

4. Quantity

Are the stickers to be displayed individually or are multiple stickers required to lead visitors and customers to key areas of a venue or store? Do you need a variety of sticker shapes eg. Footprints, arrows etc….

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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