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Artisanal Foodies Need Stickers Too

By David Willis © 2019

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Artisanal Foodies Need Stickers Too

Your loaves are made from the finest, rarest spelt flour and they prove overnight to the sound of angels singing… Your chocolate truffles are created by lovingly massaging the cocoa butter out of every single bean. That’s right, you’re an artisanal food manufacturer and while you don’t really have a host of angels to sing your loaves into leavened heaven every night, you really do care about the provenance and quality of your produce.

gold stickers for food packaging

Because you’re worth it

Your customers and buyers love your creations because you do. They know they’re getting something really special that’s handcrafted with passion, knowledge and a desire to rise above the mediocre and sometimes just plain bad market offerings elsewhere.

This is why your price point is a little higher than everyone else’s. Some people might wonder why, but when they actually try your goods, they’ll understand. It’s getting them to try before they buy that can sometimes be tricky. This is where the stickers come in.

Adhesive works of art

When you think about what your produce stickers should look like, you need to get creative. Of course, you need to list all your ingredients, but you also need to include some of the magic that goes into your cakes and chocolates, or your seeded crispbreads and pretzels.

To do this, you need to come up with an amazing design that captures the spirit and ethos of your kitchen and company. If you were inspired to make your allergen-free dog biscuits because your own beloved pet had issues with supermarket brands, then you could use your favourite image of him on your branding.

On larger stickers you could give customers the potted history of your company and raison d’etre so that they can connect with you on a personal level. They feel safe with your products because you’ve been right where they are now and you’ve had the same concerns, whether this is avoiding parabens in soaps or looking after sensitive stomachs.

Reassurance on a roll

Lots of people turn to artisanal foods because they’re produced in small batches with traceable raw ingredients, which means they know exactly what they’re getting. There’s no fillers, unnecessary preservatives and GM crops going on in those loaves…

gold stickers on transparent vinyl

Having informative stickers on every loaf or bag of truffles also builds trust – if you’ve made the effort to design and commission stickers then your facility is a “proper” business, not just someone’s kitchen. You can reassure customers that you have all the right food hygiene qualifications and that you’re allergy-aware.

Designed for loaf

Sorry not sorry. As an artisanal baker, you might create some brilliant bread, but you might need some help with your branding. Here at Edge Stickers we can help you to come up with the best images and designs so that your branding and message really works. We don’t just reel off stickers, we work with our clients to get them just right, so if you’re taking the next step with your baking business, bring us on board. No order is too small for us and we’re also rather partial to a well-crafted cupcake…

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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