Vinyl stickers

How to completely and cleanly remove a sticker from my car?

Warm it up, peel it off, polish the car using a good quality general car polish.
Transparent coloured with white stickers

How to buy sticker printing material?

Ask a good specialist sticker printer who may offer to sell some material to you for a few pounds.
White custom shaped transparent sticker

How to apply your wall decal?

Peel the decal from it's backing sheet. Line up where you want it to go, and gently rub it onto the wall. Remove the carrier sheet.
Fitting vinyl stickers without bubbles

How to apply vinyl wrap to my car?

Not easy unless you have experience. Ask a local sign maker for a quotation.
Hardens printed double sided window sticker

How much will it cost me to get my vinyl decals off my car?

Paying a vinyl installator to remove vinyl stickers from your car could become expensive if there are many of them and he charges by the hour.
Sport stickers

How much does it cost to put custom decals on a car?

Putting vinyl stickers on a car is normally performed by a vinyl installator, vehicle graphics fitter, or sign fitter. Typically, they charge by the hour so the final price will depend upon the size, shape and complexity of the designs.