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Bicycle Sticker - Replica Campagnolo Restoration Project

By David Willis © 2019

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The Question

Our customer came to us with a very simple question:

'Could we reproduce a replica of a Campagnolo Bicycle Sticker that was over 30 years old?'

The customer had embarked on a project to restore a Campagnolo bicycle that was used in 1983 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company. Part of the project involved sourcing a company that could make bespoke stickers to any requirement.

That's where Edge Stickers came in.

We were shown some photos of the sticker we were to reproduce.

Campagnolo sticker project designs

This was a very specific customised sticker.

The sticker had to be have a clear border, a blue background and white text. The blue colour had to be as close to the original as possible.

STEP 1: Artwork Reproduction

Campagnolo vintage sticker

Like all sticker printing good quality artwork is the first step towards a quality sticker.

We had decided early on to print this sticker using thermal spot colour printers. Digital inkjets don't really produce a very good white print, and screen printing was not economical in such small quantities (the customer only required a single sticker). For thermal sticker printing vector art was required.

Using Adobe Illustrator the artwork was created in vector format.

STEP 2: Sticker Production

Campagnolo sticker applied to bicycle

After initially providing a physical proof to our customer and making the necessary amendments to the design after his feedback, we then set about printing the sticker.

Using our Gerber Edge thermal sticker printers we first laid down a white primer before doing an overprint with an Olympic Blue foil.

The result came out perfect. Here is the final sticker on the newly restored bicycle:

Another satisfied customer and another sticker job well done.

This is an example of a custom made spot colour sticker that Edge Stickers can produce.

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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