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​Come rain or shine, waterproof printed vinyl stickers

26 March 2019 No comments

There are various material options for printing stickers, the most popular of which is vinyl, one of the reasons for this is its waterproof and all weathers properties.

Unlike paper stickers, our custom printed vinyl stickers will not go soggy when displayed outdoors on a rainy day.Take a minute to have a look at our videos of the stickers being immersed in water and being pressure washed!

Once the stickers have been applied to a surface they can be totally immersed in water.For this reason, they are ideal for promotions and advertising in damp environments.

The permanent adhesive vinyl stickers can be used in cold conditions, even down to -40°C, this means that they can be used in snowy conditions and even in the freezer (however they would need to be applied at a minimum temperature of 5°C before they are subjected to the cold).This has allowed us to produce stickers for various outdoor and extreme sport equipment, from ski’s to kayaks.

The permanent adhesive vinyl can also withstand hot temperatures, up to approx 80°C to 110°C for short periods ( 110°C up to 1 hour).

For more information about lightfast stickers look at our blog.

If you’d like further information or for a free quote, please call us on 01347 824450.

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