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Gold metallic stickers

Make Your Candles Really Shine

Even though we have many more options for lighting these days, with the rise and rise of LEDs and also solar-powered garden lanterns guiding us through the darkness, we all still love a beautiful candle.
Metallic gold on transparent

Artisanal Foodies Need Stickers Too

Your loaves are made from the finest, rarest spelt flour and they prove overnight to the sound of angels singing… Your chocolate truffles are created by lovingly massaging the cocoa butter out of every single bean. That’s right, you’re an artisanal food manufacturer and while you don’t really have a host of angels to sing your loaves into leavened heaven every night, you really do care about the provenance and quality of your produce.
Festival Stickers, printed in full colour

What is Sticker Bombing?

Sticker bombing (also known as sticker art, or sticker slapping) is where stickers are used to cover a surface and in doing so to create a form of art, or to promote a certain message. Sticker bombing is a form of graffiti art.
New Edge website

​WEBSITE LAUNCH – No longer stuck in the past!

Yes we’ve done it, we decided it was time to update our sticker website and we’re really excited with the result.
Round kiss cut stickes, printed in full colour

What are kiss-cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are self-adhesive vinyl stickers that have been cut to a different size or shape than the backing paper to which they are attached.
Self-adhesive vinyl stickers, custom printed

Come rain or shine, waterproof printed vinyl stickers

Self-adhesive vinyl is, perhaps, one of the most popular choices for outdoor stickers. This is due to its waterproof and all-weather properties. Unlike paper stickers vinyl stickers will repel the water and will not deteriorate when used outdoors.