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5 Great Ways to Use Window Stickers


window stickers are just one of those things that keeps reiventing itself. Here are five possible uses you may use them for:

No.1 - A "No Cold Calling" Sticker

Put a No Cold Calling window sticker on porch window and you won't be bothered by unwanted salesmen again. In fact, according to recent advice, ignoring such a notice may be deemed a criminal offence.

No Cold Calling window stickers are a great solution for housing associations, halls of residence, campuses, apartment blocks and for individual residences. They could also be easily used for businesses too.

No.2 - A "No Smoking" Sticker

A reverse printed No Smoking window sticker is a great way to enforce your no smoking policy in and around your premises.

Available in static cling or self-adhesive vinyl, this is a very common use of a window sticker.

Useful for businesses, public places, shops, museums, sports facilities etc.

No.3 - A Parking Permit Sticker

This is perhaps the most common form of car window sticker.

Placed inside a car window it allows owners of a car park to control who has access, thereby facilitating car park management.

Parking Permit Sticker

The car park stickers can be generic or printed with a sequential number.

Used by businesses and housing associations.

No.4 - A Membership Sticker

Membership stickers are often given to retail outlets to display in their shop windows as proof of membership to an professional association, trading scheme or other organisation.

The company offering the sticker gains by increasing overall public awareness for their scheme, while the outlet benefits from the increased customer assurance.

Used by retail outlets and small businesses.

No.5 - A "For Sale" Sticker

Typically used in retail outlets, this type of window sticker is widely used to attract would-be customers into the shop.

Everybody loves a sale, but how do you announce to the world your heavily reduced prices and spectacular bargains? No doubt, a very effective way is to decorate your shop window with an array of brightly coloured "for sale" stickers and other window decals.

For sale sticker

Window stickers can come in removable adhesive, so if you are careful to keep the orginal special coated release paper then you can remove your stickers once finished and place them back on the backing sheet, ready for next year!


These are just five great uses for window stickers. There are many more ways stickers can be used on windows. Why not discuss your next project with us and let us take care of producing window stickers to your exact requirements.

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