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Applying Window Stickers and Graphics.


This page offers some tips and advice when applying window-graphics vinyl and window decals.

Window stickers and decals require special surface preparation.

Before installing the vinyl graphics, thoroughly clean the window. First, wash the windows with a liquid detergent and water. Then re-clean the glass with isopropyl alcohol or similar product. Avoid using window cleaners that contain silicones and ammonia as these can leave a residue that could hinder vinyl adhesion. After washing, inspect the windows. To clean windows speckled with dried paint, use a razor blade and re-wipe the window with alcohol.

Keep your hands, which are dirt magnets, spotlessly clean when installing stickers and vinyl graphics to windows.

Some sign installers wash their hands in alcohol before applying vinyl window graphics. This avoids the transfer of dirt from hands to the vinyl's adhesive side.

Avoid applying vinyl window stickers and decals to glass in high humidity and low temperatures as moisture can condense on the surface which could inhibit vinyl adhesion. Wait until warmer temperatures.

Window stickers and window vinyl graphics should be applied dry.

On a dry window application, squeegee marks may appear on the vinyl's adhesive side after the graphic is installed. Be assured, this is only temporary. The vinyl adhesive will flow out in four or five days, and the squeegee marks will disappear.

The same goes for tiny bubbles underneath the vinyl. Time and temperature breathe these bubbles out of the vinyl. Don't puncture the little bubbles with a pin or knife as this could lead to a worse problem by creating a very noticeable hole in the decal.

If a wet application is required, use appropriate squeegee pressure and overlap your strokes to force out any moisture underneath the vinyl. In cold climates, any remaining moisture could freeze and cause adhesion problems.

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Last Update: 5 May 2016

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