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Different types of Window Stickers


Digitally Printed Window Stickers

Most short-run sticker printing these days is done using digital inkjet printers using either solvent or eco-solvent inks.

The popularity of digitally printed window stickers comes from the fact that digital printing has relatively low setup costs, making the production of digital stickers very economical.

Screen Printed Window Stickers

For long-run printing we tend to use screen printing methods. Screen printing has higher setup costs and is not economical for short-run sticker jobs. However, for larger quantities the setup costs are absorbed quite easily, making long runs more economical when screen printed.

Window Stickers

Quality Differences Between Digital and Screen Printed Window Stickers

There are some quality differences that should be noted between digitally printed stickers and those that have been screen printed.

Most artwork these days requires full colour or process printing in order to print photos, gradients, shading and other graphics. Digitally printed window stickers offer a much higher quality print than the screen print equivalent.

On the other hand, artwork that consists of 'flat' spot colours is more suited to screen printing as the depth of the solid colours is far greater than when printed digitally.

Window Sticker Adhesive Types

Window stickers generally come in 3 different types:

1. Permanent adhesive
2. Removable adhesive
3. Static cling

Permanent Window Stickers

Permanent window sticker adhesive is designed to adhere to glass and not easily come off.

Adhesion can last from 3 to 7 years before peeling, depending upon the quality of the vinyl used.

Permanent window stickers are used when there is no requirement to remove the sticker in the short term. If the sticker needs to come off then they can still be removed after then have been warmed up by a hairdryer. The warmth from the hairdryer will loosen the adhesive and the sticker will come off quite easily.

However, often adhesive residue is left on the window after a window sticker with permanent adhesive has been removed.

Removable Window Stickers

Window stickers with removable adhesive are an excellent choice when stickers are required to stick to the window for a long period (3-7 years) but may need to be removed with ease during this time.

Window stickers with removable adhesive can be easily removed with the first 12 months of application without leaving adhesive residue. After this period they tend to become like permanent adhesive window stickers.

Static Cling Window Stickers

Finally, static cling (or self-cling) window stickers are an ideal choice when you are looking for highly removable window stickers.

This type of window sticker does not have any adhesive at all but cling to the window by static suction. Obviously, they do not leave ugly adhesive residue.

However, as a result they do not last as long. You should estimate the lifespan of a static cling window sticker to be 6 months. After that time they will lose their suction, pick up grease and dirt, and will no longer stick to the window.

To Order Your Own

To order your own window stickers, printed from your own artwork visit our custom windows sticker page.

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