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Do Metallic Stickers Help Create a Luxury Feel to Products?


I often get asked about metallic stickers and whether they can enhance a product's look, feel or brand.

These might not be everybody’s cup of tea but for me there is nothing better than metallic stickers for enhancing a product's image or brand.. Metallic stickers can instantly alter the appearance of a product and in this post we will explain why we think so.

When asking for luxury what is it we want? A feeling of grandeur? Richness? Opulence? And what better than using metallic Gold or metallic Silver? Does Metallic mean it has to be shiny? Not at all, we’ve printed lots of matt finish metallic stickers and they have the same lavish feel, in fact I think there is something very elegant about these. Matt black background with either a matt silver or matt gold logo looks really stylish.

Metallic stickers

These stickers are custom made so you can choose a size and shape to suit your requirements. They aren’t produced in the same way as our vinyl stickers; all the colours are solid so a simple one metallic colour on transparent vinyl still looks great. In our opinion some of the most lavish looking stickers we’ve produced are metallic and only one other colour or even metallic on transparent.

We recently produced some bespoke stickers for Le Jeune Chocolatiers and whilst the labels on a sheet might not look too exciting, Ivan sent a pack of chocolates into the office and once the metallic stickers are on the product they look really great and definitely helped to reflect the luxury appearance of his chocolate. This is only our opinion and we’d love to hear your comments..

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Date Published:
Last Update: 29 April 2016

Publisher: Edge Stickers