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​Fitting vinyl stickers and graphics without bubbles or creases

By David Willis 27 November 2018 No comments

We are often asked how to fit vinyl stickers to windows and other surfaces, without them having lots of trapped air bubbles or creases in them.

It is very easy to do…but you need to know a few basic tricks of the trade first.

First of all a few basics.

Don’t forget that the minute you peel the printed sticker or vinyl off its backing paper sheet, it’s open to hairs, dust, grit, and all the other loose odds and ends that you really don’t want sticking themselves to it!

Also, the very action of peeling the vinyl off the backing sheet creates static, which just adds to the problem.

So the answer, although it may seem counter intuitive, is to add a little soapy water to things…

There are a couple of ways of doing this, dependant upon the surface you’re working with.

Firstly, get some tepid/warm water in a bowl, add into it a few of drops of washing up liquid or baby shampoo, and whisk it up to create a few bubbles.

(you can use a handheld plant mister/sprayer if you’d prefer)

Next, wet a sponge or lint free cloth and use this to wet the surface to which you want to apply the sticker to. (If you choose the plant mister, simply spray the water on)

With dry fingers, peel the vinyl off its backing sheet, and lay the vinyl, glue down, onto the wet surface.

You’ll now find that the soapy water actually prevents the glue on the sticker from actually sticking to the end surface. This is good and what you want.

You’ll now be able to either slide or reposition the sticker into exactly the correct place that you want it to be.

Next, hold down the sticker in it’s centre, and with a squeegee or similar, slowly apply the sticker by lightly brushing it down onto the surface, working outwards from the middle towards the edges, in smooth firm strokes.

As you’ll see, the light pressure of the squeegee forces the soapy water outwards from underneath the sticker to its outside edges, taking any trapped air bubbles with it.

Once you’re happy that the sticker is correctly positioned, give everything a wipe with a dry cloth, and leave it to dry.

Over a few hours the remaining soapy water under the sticker will dry away, and you will find that the sticker has ‘set’ perfectly, and won’t have any air bubbles or creases in it.

If you need any more information or help, just get in touch by email or phone.

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