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Sticker sheets printed in full colour

Printed giveaway sticker sheets

Printed sticker sheets just seem to be getting more popular by the day. We’re producing more and more bespoke printed stickers on sheets than ever before.
Kiss cut sticker, digitally printed in full colour

What’s the difference between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers?

The difference between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers is how the stickers are cut in relation to the silicone release backing paper. For die-cut stickers the sticker and the backing paper are cut to the same size and shape. For kiss-cut stickers the sticker is cut to a different size or shape to the backing paper.
Full colour vinyl stickers, with paddle

What are Full-Colour Stickers?

Sticker printers have their own set of words to describe what they do. In this article I try to explain the meaning of full colour stickers, and show the difference between full colour and spot colour printing.
History of Sticker Printing

The History of Sticker Printing

Stickers have been around longer than you may think. Read this article to trace the history of stickers, from early postage stamps to modern day full colour vinyl stickers.
Die cut stickers, printed in full colour

What are die-cut stickers?

Die cut stickers are self-adhesive vinyl stickers that have been cut to the same size and shape as the backing paper to which they are attached.
Campagnolo replica sticker

Bicycle Sticker – Replica Campagnolo Restoration Project

Our customer came to us with a very simple question: 'Could we reproduce a replica of a Campagnolo Bicycle Sticker that was over 30 years old?'