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Fitting vinyl stickers without bubbles

How long does vinyl car wrap last?

A vinyl car wrap can last up to five years if well maintained. However, excessive exposure to UV light can shorten the lifespan, while at the same time making it more difficult to remove. If your vehicle is parked constantly outside then a car wrap may only last 12 months.
White ink on transparent vinyl stickers

How long do your wall stickers last?

They will last as long as you want them to last if you select the correct type of self adhesive for the job
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How long do vinyl stickers last?

This depends on the conditions in which the sticker is being used. Several years of outdoor use can be expected
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How do I make stickers?

Contact a specialist sticker printer, like Edge Stickers
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How big is the sticker market?

The printed sticker market is enormous as there a so many end uses for stickers, and of all shapes and sizes
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How are decals made?

Decals can be screen printed, or digitally printed as long as a special pvc ink is used. This ink bites into other surface of the pvc