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Reflective stickers & signage - Class 1 or Class 2 ?

By David Willis 30 July 2018 No comments

Reflective stickers & signage - class 1 or class 2?

Don’t get confused with Class 1 and Class 2 reflectives…they’re very different, and have different uses.

(To add a little more confusion, Class 1 used to be Class 2, and Class 2, Class 1!)

You may also come across descriptions of RA1 and RA2, these are the same as Class 1 & 2, so no problem there.

Basically, you would commonly see Class 1 reflective signs and stickers used for promotional or informative end uses, where it is used to illuminate a message in darkness.

In some cases it is used in the production of temporary road signs too.

Class 2 has a higher specification of ‘reflectivity’ and is used for permanent signage for roads, as well as safety and warning markings on emergency service vehicles.

As you would imagine, there is a considerable difference in the cost between the two class types, but chosen correctly, you will get the correct product for your intended use.

Edge Stickers produce a huge array of printed reflective stickers, reflective signage and markings, and can give you all the advice you need to help you choose the correct type of reflective, for the job you have in mind.

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