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By 21 October 2017 No comments

A sticker robot is simply a sticker printed to a robot design and kiss-cut (or die-cut) to the robot's shape.

Every now and again we receive orders for sticker robots. Bizarrely, these seem to come in waves and recently we've had a few.

Which, has got us wondering if there is any kind of local craze or annual robot event that suddenly ups the demand for these kinds of stickers.

We've printed thousands of stickers that fall into the category of 'sticker robot' over the years, but here are two of our favourites:

Sticker Robot 1: The Robot Classic

Robot Sticker: The Robot Classic

Sticker Robot 2: The Robot Alternative

Sticker Robot: The Robot Alternative

So, if you can assist us and know of any event in the UK that is driving demand for stickers that classify as a 'sticker robot' then please do get in touch and let us know.

In the meantime, why not visit our custom shape vinyl stickers page and order your own sticker robot today.

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