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The Different Types of Car Stickers


For different people the word car stickers can mean different things.

So, here is some useful definitions to help to clear things up:

Car Window Stickers

These are reverse printed window stickers (often white backed) that are stuck on the inside of a car window, facing outside. They are often made from static-cling (non-adhesive) although they can also be made from self-adhesive vinyl

All window stickers (whether for car or not) first start out as transparent. The image is then reverse printed onto the transparent vinyl and then a white backing is often placed over the top to ensure the image appears opaque and solid when looked at from outside the window.

Bumper Stickers

These are vinyl stickers that are placed on the outside of the vehicle (often on bumpers – hence the name).

Since these stickers have to go through some very harsh conditions (stone chips on road and car washes!) these stickers are often laminated with a clear film of vinyl to give then extra protection.

Bumper stickers are the most common type of car sticker, especially in the USA!

Car Decals

These are often single-colour decals computer cut from sheets of self-adhesive vinyl. The can be lettering or shapes and are often used to provide signage on vans or commercial vehicles

Vehicle Wraps

This type of car sticker has become popular in the last five years or so. This is where the entire car is covered with a printed vinyl covering, completely transforming the look of the vehicle.

Hope this glossary of car sticker terms is useful.

Hopefully, we will be blogging some more very soon!

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Last Update: 6 May 2016

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