Bumper Stickers

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Why buy Bumper Stickers from Edge?

Advertise your business or organisation on your car bumper with these personalised car stickers.

Printed from your own artwork, we can make car bumper stickers to any shape, size and quantity. Choose from the options below to get an instant price and to order online.

Permanent or removable adhesive options available. Suitable for any car, van, motorbike, cycle or other road vehicle.

Lamination is recomendend to give your bumper stickers extra protection and to increase their life.

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Further Information

These personalised bumper stickers for cars, vans and other vehicles can be printed with either a shiny gloss or a matt finish.

We stronlgy recommend adding the lamination option to increase the car stickers's life. By over laminating your image with a clear film of transparent vinyl, you add an extra layer of protection to the ink / surface of the sticker. The laminate increases the overall thickness of your sticker, but this is worth doing since the sticker will be placed on the outside of your car and is likely to get scratched (e.g. by going through car washes etc.)

Whilst most customers opt for bumper stickers to be produced on a permanent adhesive, we also offer the option of removable adhesive (this has a bond that is 3 times less than the permanent adhesive). Please note that whilst the adhesive is removable we cannot take any responsibility for the use of this on car paintwork. Over time the removable property will diminish and the stickers will take on permanent adhesive properties and therefore will become harder to remove.

Multiple designs can be printed together as long as the size of the designs are the same. This allows you to save money by avoiding any setup charge for your second (or third, fourth etc) designs. To benefit from this simply select from the Number of Designs option in the pricing calculator above. Remember to forward us all of your artwork designs and most importantly, each design must be the same size!

How our customers use their Bumper Stickers

Personalised bumper stickers and car stickers are becoming quite popular, and we witness a variety of ways these stickers are being used. Here are just some of the ways these stickers are being used:

GB car stickers are particularly popular with ferry companies, overseas driving holidays and adverture holidays Brand advertising Radio stations and media companies

Removal of Bumper Stickers

Choosing from our 'removable adhesive' option will mean your stickers will be able to be removed from the surface of the vehcile quite easily. However, even our removable bumper stickers tend to adhere like permanent stickers after 12 months of use.

To avoid any damage to the paint of the car it is recommended to warm up the sticker with a low to medium heat (a heat-gun on a very low setting or from a distance, or ideally a hairdryer). The heat will loosen up the adhesive allowing the sticker to be peeled off quite easily. Avoid using razor blades or other sharp tools that will damage the vehcile.

History of Bumper Stickers

Historians normally give credit to Forest P. Gill as the 'inventor' of the bumper sticker.

Gill was a silkscreen printer from Kansas City, USA and experimented during the 1940's wtih paper stickers as a way to get a message across, by placing the stickers onto the bumpers of cars and other vehicles.

In 1952 bumper stickers were first used during a Presidential Election to show support for the candidates.

More recently, the craze of 'sticker bombing' has developed, whereby an entire car (or part of a car) is plastered with stickers.

FAQs for Bumper Stickers


Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Superdry
  • Flymo
  • Portakabin
  • BBC
  • Costcutter
  • Suzuki
  • Classic FM
  • Starbucks
  • Forestry Commission
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Northern Rail