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Custom stickers are adhesive labels or notices, that are printed or illustrated with a bespoke design, making them unique in their own right and different from standard 'off the shelf' stickers or mass-produced labels. By being custom, they are made to the requirements of the customer, whether that is a business owner or graphic designer.

At Edge Stickers we print custom stickers that are personalised and unique, printed direct from your artwork or design.

These stickers are printed to ANY SIZE, ANY SHAPE and in ANY QUANTITY. With decades of experience Edge Stickers are experts in ensuring you get exactly what your ask for - custom stickers tailored to your exact requirements.

No order is too small or big, as we leverage our wide variety of sticker printing technologies at our disposal to produce stunning and unique stickers!

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Our custom stickers are unique to your order and personalised with your own company brand, logo or artwork.

During the ordering process we offer a variety of ways to personalise your stickers, allowing you to determine the size, quanity, shape, presentation style, finish and offer  the option of protective lamination. We offer many different sticker types but our most common ones are vinyl stickers, window stickers, floor stickers, and transparent stickers.

Edge Stickers is the UK's leading sticker manufacturer and has been printing custom and personalised stickers for over 30 years.