Floor Stickers

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Why buy Floor Stickers from Edge?

Bespoke printed floor stickers, made to any size, shape and quantity.

We print direct from your artwork, allowing you to control the look and feel of your sticker.

Finished with an anti-slip protective lamination for durability and safety purposes. This floor sticker product is tough and durable.

Size Guidelines

We can print floor stickers from widths up to 1500mm, with no restriction on the length.

Production Methods

Edge Stickers is one of the limited number of UK sticker printers offering digital, litho and screen printing sticker manufactuering options. In doing so we are able to choose the most economical and suitable method of producing your order.

NEW! Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Trade Prices

Depending on the size of your order we can offer you several choices of how we would produce your floor stickers. Our online pricing tool will offer you the best prices for short-run jobs. However, for larger jobs it is best to contact us by phone or email to ensure we can offer you our best trade prices.

Floor Stickers from our Sticker Gallery

  • Wayfinding floor sticker
  • Floor graphic 720x480
  • floor sticker
  • Giant footprint floor sticker
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Further Information

Get Your Customers to Walk Your Way

We’re so used to seeing information and signposts at eye level that we sometimes just gaze past it and often get lost, especially in crowded venues and streets. One great solution to this problem is to place signposts, arrows and branding on the floor instead of on walls. This helps because it’s easier for people of all heights to see where they’re going rather than straining to look past a throng of people for directions.

Eyes down for a full shop

Another reason for the increased usage of floor-stickers in recent years is the fact that most people spend at least some of their shopping trips gazing down at their phones. You need something to attract their eyes, so having bright decals and arrows on the floor can be a better way to grab shoppers’ attention.

Fun to follow

Children in particular love floor-stickers, especially if they’re in the shape of foot or pawprints that they have to follow to capture a baddie or find treasure… Floor-stickers are also brilliant for seasonal or annual promotions in your business, as they’re easy to apply and also to remove once the event or promotion is over.

Made to last

The floor-stickers you’ll get from Edge Stickers are very durable and hard-wearing. Even under heavy usage they’ll last for at least six months before you start to see scuffing and loss of detail. If you have light-to-moderate foot traffic then your stickers will last even longer.

Easy to remove

If you order floor-stickers that you want in place for a short while – less than six months, for example – then you’ll find them fairly easy to remove. The adhesive tends to bond more strongly over time, so the sooner you remove the stickers, the easier and cleaner the process is.

Once the stickers are in place for more than a year or so, you’ll need a bit of extra help in the form of a hairdryer or something similar. The extra heat will help to soften the adhesive, making the sticker easier to lift up. You may need to use some solvent to remove any traces of adhesive that are left behind in these cases, but once it’s done, you’ll have a nice clean floor, all ready for your next promotion.

Safe to walk on

As some floor-stickers are quite large, it’s important that they don’t present a hazard to the people walking (and sometimes running) over them. Vinyl and plastics are smooth and slippery, but our floor-stickers have a special non-slip coating so they’re safe to stand, walk and even run on under most conditions.

Call us to find out more

You may be looking for a better deal on your floor decals than you have at the moment, or you might be new to them altogether. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re always ready to talk to you and offer advice and ideas – as well as some of the best deals available.

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Large orders of floor stickers are best screenprinted, providing the artwork consists of solid spot colours. This may require a further discussion so do please contact us if you are requiring high volumes.

Floor stickers are used by many different organisations to promote brand awareness.

Here are just some of the uses that our customers have offered:

  • Retail floor spacing advertising
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Directional signage
  • Promotions
  • Download our Artwork Guidelines to ensure your custom stickers are produced exactly as expected.

    Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

    • Northern Rail
    • Marks and Spencer
    • Flymo
    • BBC
    • Balfour Beatty
    • Forestry Commission
    • Superdry
    • Starbucks
    • Suzuki
    • Costcutter
    • Classic FM
    • Portakabin
    • North Yorkshire Police