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By David Willis © 2020

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Removing stickers from car windshields, windows or any other car surfaces can be a bit tricky especially if you aim to completely and cleanly remove it. Here are steps that you can follow that works on any surfaces.

Prepare your surface

It is best to start on a clean slate and focus on one sticker at a time.

Remove any dirt or grease from your target area with a damp cloth.

Warm it up

By using a hairdryer or heat gun you can soften the adhesive to make it easier to peel off.

Start in the middle of the sticker making sure that there is adequate space between the sticker and the hairdryer or heat gun. Moving it constantly will prevent the heat from ruining your car coatings and shields.

Finish off on the corner of the sticker so it will be warm when you peel it.

Peel it off

You could use an old plastic card to help you peel the sticker.

Lift the edges of the sticker using your old plastic card. Start peeling from the corner so it will come off on one piece. Try to work slowly making your way through the middle to prevent it from tearing off as well as leaving sticker residue or scratches on your car.

If you find it hard to peel the sticker you can re-apply heat.

Polish the car

Using a good quality general car polish to remove any sticker residue.

Add a new one

Your car is good as new and ready for a new set of bumper stickers, window stickers, vinyl stickers or any stickers you can think of!

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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