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Make Your Candles Really Shine

By David Willis © 2019

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Make Your Candles Really Shine

Even though we have many more options for lighting these days, with the rise and rise of LEDs and also solar-powered garden lanterns guiding us through the darkness, we all still love a beautiful candle.

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There’s something very pure and elemental about the light from a candle; maybe it’s something that’s worked its way into our genes and psyches after centuries of using them to banish the dark and to make connections with each other.

Candles are objects of art themselves

It’s not just the soft light that emanates from lit candles that we love; it’s the object itself if it’s well-made and ornamental. Whether it’s a simple beeswax church pillar or a colourful statement piece, many people use candles as ornaments and decorations without ever intending to light them.

Of course, most people do light their candles as they enjoy the ritual and the glow once the electric lights are off. They might be following the Scandinavian ethos of hygge (or cosiness), which involves quite a few candles here and there, including in the windows to dispel the winter gloom.

Whatever the reason, safety always comes first

As beautiful as candles are, we have to remember that they involve naked flames and as such, they need to be handled very carefully and with safety in mind.

No candlemaker wants to find out that one of their products was the cause of a devastating housefire, even if all the occupants got out safely. It’s vital, then, that safety tips and warnings are emblazoned on not just the packaging of the candle, but on the candle itself. It’s easy to forget fire safety instructions after a while, so seeing a small reminder every time someone lights the wick is invaluable.

One of the ways to offer this reminder is to attach a sticker to the candle, near the base, so that the user remembers to blow out the candle when they leave the room, for example. Other handy tips include not using a candle near curtains or drapes and not letting small children play with them.

A glowing endorsement

Once the safety side of things is taken care of (and it should always be taken care of first), then candlemakers can start to think of their stickers as extra adornments and also as advertising.

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If the candles are made from beeswax produced by special bees or refined by a women’s collective, for example, then people will want to know about this. Similarly, if the candles contain essential oils that have a therapeutic effect, then this should also be made obvious. It doesn’t hurt to feature the contact details and web address of the manufacturer, either so that friends and family can find out where that amazing-smelling candle came from.

Not all stickers are equal

It’s also important to use the right size of sticker, as well as the right sort of adhesive. Low-residue adhesives are ideal for candles as they leave nothing behind if and when they’re removed. This means that they don’t leave anything behind that could catch fire as the candle burns down.

On the other hand, if someone is planning to leave a particularly attractive sticker – maybe metallic or sporting a beautiful font – then it’s important that the low-residue adhesive is also very durable.

There’s quite an art to candle stickers, so come and talk to us here at Edge because we can advise you further, as well as offer you some great rates on your orders.

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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