Metallic Stickers


Personalised metallic stickers printed from your artwork or design.

Metallic sticker printing is a process whereby various spot colour foils are transferred on to the vinyl, rather than printed using a full colour process.

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Due to the particular nature of the process of metallic sticker printing please read the Product Description below in full before ordering.

Please note metallic stickers can be printed with a solid or transparent background.

Metallic Stickers from our Gallery

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  • Metallic Silver Stickers
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Further Information

Metallic sticker printing is a process whereby various spot colour foils are transferred on to the vinyl, rather than printed using a full colour process.

Some of the best metallic sticker designs are produced when there are only 2 colours in the artwork. This helps with the alignment of the colours, allowing the images to have a greater impact. We can produce stickers with up to 3 colours with one of the colours being metallic.

Our company been manufacturing custom made metallic stickers since 1987. The repeat business we get from our original customers is a testimony to the quality of our product and the dedication we give to every job.

Choice of Metallic Colours

Our metallic stickers can be custom-printed using one of the following colours; Silver, Gold, Platinum, Red, Blue Chrome, Matt Gold, Matt Silver, Champagne Gold and Copper. Choose from up to 2 more additional standard colours (although we recommend only one other colour as a maximum).

Whilst there is no end to the uses for these stickers we have found that gold and silver foils on transparent vinyl have become very popular and are extremely stylish. Our sales team can advise you at any time during your artwork design process. Our customers are increasingly choosing the matt and gold finish as these look particularly strong when used against black backgrounds (obviously this is subject to your artwork).

The chrome silver and chrome gold offer a very shiny mirrored effect finish, which could be deemed to add a more luxury feel to packaging.


These vinyl stickers currently come with a choice of two adhesive types: Permanent and Removable.

Removable adhesive has 3 times less bond than permanent adhesive and is more easily removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Permanent adhesive bonds over the lifespan of the sticker and can be difficult to remove after it has been in place for many months or years. If a permanent vinyl sticker has been in place for some time it will only come off by applying heat (e.g. a hairdryer) to them. The heat loosens up the adhesive allowing the sticker to be peeled off easily.

Removable stickers can be removed from a surface quite easily within the first 12 months of initial application. Within this time they can normally be taken off without leaving any adhesive residue. Generally, they can often be repositioned, although each reposition can reduce the overall bond life of the sticker. After 12 months, however, the removable property diminishes and the sticker becomes like a permanent sticker and more difficult to remove.

Number Of Designs

To save you money, we now allow you to split your order over multiple designs, but ONLY IF THE DIMENSIONS OF EACH DESIGN IS THE SAME.

This will allow you to maximise your quantity discount and avoid keep on paying our minimum order charge.

By default we will split your order evenly over the number of designs (e.g. for 2 designs over 1000 stickers we will print each design 500 times). However, if you wish for us to split the sticker unevenly then please let us know by entering comments in the comment field during checkout.

Large Orders

Large volumes of metallic stickers or very large sizes can be screenprinted with special metallic inks, please contact us to discuss this further.?

FAQs for Metallic Stickers

    Common uses include (but not limited to):

  • Promotional stickers
  • Event fairs and shows
  • Product labelling
  • Exclusive product branding
  • Luxury goods

We have a variety of technologies at our disposal to print your stickers.

Usually metallic stickers will be printed using thermal spot colour printers. However, we also have the latest digital metallic ink printers. In certain circumstances and for long run jobs we will screen print your metallic stickers.


Metallic stickers require vector art with up to 3 spot colours used (we recommend only 2) Full colour artwork or artwork with shading or gradients is not suitable for metallic sticker printing.

Upload your custom artwork file(s) during checkout.

Alternatively, you can also go to your account once your order has been placed and use our built in File Uploader.

You can also send us an email will your artwork file attached or as a link to a third party large-file sending application (e.g. Hightail). If you send your artwork this way please remember to quote your order number.

Due to the particular nature of this process of sticker printing we will need to review your design to validate whether it is suitable for metallic colours. We can do this prior to you ordering or on completion of your order. If your artwork is deemed not suitable for metallic colour printing after you have submitted your order and we do not agree to any alternative printing method you will, of course, be entitled to a full refund.

Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

  • Starbucks
  • Suzuki
  • Portakabin
  • Forestry Commission
  • Superdry
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Northern Rail
  • BBC
  • Costcutter
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Classic FM
  • Flymo
  • North Yorkshire Police