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Self-adhesive and static cling window stickers, customised to your personal requirements. Choose from one of the shapes below then select from the many options available such as matt or gloss finish, round or square corners, or lamination. These window stickers are the highest quality, printed in high-resolution full colour. They are reverse printed on transparent vinyl and white-backed to ensure the colours remain solid and opaque.


Rectangle vinyl stickers

Choose this product if you want a RECTANGULAR window sticker, printed to your bespoke design.


Square Vinyl Stickers

Choose this product if you want a SQUARE window sticker, printed to your bespoke design.


Round Vinyl Stickers

Choose this product if you want a ROUND window sticker, printed to your bespoke design.


Oval Vinyl Stickers

Choose this product if you want a OVAL window sticker, printed to your bespoke design.


Custom shaped vinyl stickers

Choose this product if you want a CUSTOM SHAPED window sticker, printed to your bespoke design.

Window Stickers - More Information

What is a Window Sticker?

A window sticker is an adhesive label or notice that is reverse-printed onto transparent plastic material, and stuck on the inside of a window, thereby read from the outside through the window itself. They are often used in shop and car windows.

Our window stickers are reverse-printed on a clear see-through vinyl, then backed with a solid white coating. When peeled off from the backing paper this gives the impression that the artwork has been printed on the sticky side of the sticker. They can then be stuck onto the inside of any shop, office, home or car window.

The average lifespan of these stickers is approximately 4 years. However, individual lifespans will differ depending upon temperature and climate variations, and surface grease etc.

Options available for Window Stickers

We offer 3 types of adhesion: permanent adhesive, removable adhesive, and static cling (non-adhesive). However, please note that removable adhesive properties diminish after approximately 12 months after which the sticker will become more permanent and harder to remove.

Static-cling window stickers (also known as 'self-cling') are great if you want to be able to reposition the sticker or use it more than once. These are often used for membership displays that are reissued annually.

Decide the shape of your desired window sticker and choose from one of the instant online window sticker products above.

Car Window Stickers

These window stickers are perfectly suitable for use on car windows, in order to promote a campaign or as form of advertising.

Our recommendation is to choose the removable adhesive option in order to avoid leaving adhesive residue on your back windscreen when the stickers are finally removed.

Shop Window Stickers

Additionally, these stickers can also be used in shop and office windows, as membership stickers, or for commercial or other business reasons.

Like all our window stickers, simply ensure the window is grease-free and clean before applying.

Why Choose Edge Stickers?

Your window stickers will be custom printed direct from your artwork in fabulous colour.

These stickers can be used on car, shop, office or home windows. We offer both a permament and removable adhesive option.

Edge Stickers can advise on the design of your window stickers, offering over 30 years of experience in both screen printing and digital print technologies. Order your window stickers a few at a time, or in large production runs.

Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

Balfour Beatty
Classic FM
Forestry Commission
Marks and Spencer
North Yorkshire Police
Northern Rail

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