Screen printed stickers for long run jobs - Please phone 01347 824450 to order

Screen printing vinyl stickers is more economical for longer production runs. Unlike digital printing the number of colours used in the design affects the final price.

Edge stickers have been screenprinting stickers for over 25 years, this process allows us to print vinyl stickers that offer a better quality of colour fastness than printing in digital print.

Screen Printed Stickers - More Information

What is screenprinting?

Screen printing is a process whereby each colour is applied one at a time through fine mesh screens onto the vinyl. Each colour has to be dried before the next can be applied. As inks are mixed before they are applied it provides a better quality spot colour finish.

Screen printed stickers are suitable are a wide range of purposes, including for use on cars, vans, boats, trailers, machinery, wheelie bins, skis, surfboards, sports equipment, etc.

Screen printing your stickers has several advantages over digital printing, namely:

1. Lower costs per sticker over long runs
2. Greater opaque spot colour printing than digital
3. Better colour fastness than digital
4. Option of having a back print on the stickers
5. Better UV stability and colour fastness

We can advise you when screen printing is the most suitable option, please contact us on 01347 824450


Screenprinted stickers require 'vector art' design files. Full colour artwork or artwork with shading or gradients is not suitable for this type of sticker.

Once you have agreed your order with us, you can use our built in File Uploader to send us your artwork file(s).

Once we receive your artwork we will send you back a digital proof. This allows you to check that we have received and correctly understood your design before we print your stickers.

We will not print your stickers before you have 'signed off' on your digital proof.

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