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If you have multiple different stickers on one design, this is a sticker sheet - please contact us for pricing on 01347 823230
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Edge Stickers offers more options to customise your stickers than any other UK supplier.

Below you will find extra information on the choices available when purchasing your custom stickers.

Order Options Explained


First choose your sticker type

First choose your sticker type:

  1. Vinyl Stickers‘ – standard vinyl surface stickers.  Weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.
  2. Window Stickers‘ – reverse-printed vinyl window stickers.  To be used on the inside of any window, facing out.
  3. Sticker Sheets‘ – custom made sheets of stickers. Sheets of stickers containing multiple stickers, of different shapes and sizes.
  4. Floor Stickers‘ – vinyl stickers for floors. Covered with an anti-slip laminate, suitable only for indoor use.
  5. Metallic Stickers‘ – stickers printed with a metallic ink. Self-adhesive vinyl stickers with a shiny or matt metallic effect.
  6. Clear Stickers – White‘ – self-adhesive transparent stickers with white print only.  Unprinted areas of the sticker will be transparent.
  7. Clear Stickers – Full Colour‘ – self-adhesive transparent stickers with full colour print. Unprinted areas of the sticker will be transparent.


Choose a shape

Choose from the following shapes:

  1. Rectangle – a rectangular custom sticker. If rectangle is chosen, you will be prompted with both a Width and Height field for the size.
  2. Square – a square custom sticker. If square is chosen you will be prompted with a single Height field for the size.
  3. Circle – a custom circle sticker.  If circle is chosen, you will be prompted with a singel Height field for the size.
  4. Oval – an oval custom sticker.  If oval is chosen, you will be prompted with both a Width and Height field for the size.
  5. Custom – a shape other than those above.  If custom is chosen, you will be prompted with both a Width and Height field for the size.


Choose a size

Select from a range of popular sizes or choose a custom size to enter your own bespoke dimensions.


Choose a finish

Choose from:

  1. Gloss
  2. Matt
  3. With gloss over lamination
  4. With mattover lamination

Here you choose whether you want your custom stickers to have a gloss (shiny), or a matte finish.
Most of our customers choose the gloss finish. However, the matte stickers are becoming more popular and look very stylish, authentic and classy.
Please note: The matte stickers tend to have a shorter outdoor life than the vinyl gloss stickers (about 1 year compared to 4 years).

The lamination options offer a protective over-laminate to give your stickers extra protection against abraision or solvent clearners


Choose an adhesive

Choose from:

  1. Permanent
  2. Removable
  3. Static cling

Our economy vinyl stickers currently come with a choice of two adhesive types: Permanent and Removable.

Removable adhesive has 3 times less bond than permanent adhesive and is more easily removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Permanent adhesive bonds over the lifespan of the sticker and can be difficult to remove after the sticker has been in place for many months or years. If a permanent vinyl sticker has been in place for some time it will only come off by applying heat (e.g. a hairdryer) to them. The heat loosens up the adhesive allowing the sticker to be peeled off easily.

Removable stickers can be removed easily within the first 12 months of initial application to a surface. Within this time they can normally be removed without leaving any adhesive residue. Generally, they can often be repositioned, although each reposition can reduce the overall bond life of the sticker due to the dust and grease the sticker picks up on everry application. After 12 months, however, the removable property diminishes and the sticker becomes like a permanent sticker and more difficult to remove.

Static cling is only available for our window stickers.


Do you want you order split over multiple designs?

Choose from:

  1. 1 design – no extra charge.
  2. 2 designs
  3. 3 designs
  4. 4 designs
  5. 5 designs

To save you money, we now allow you to split your order over multiple designs, but ONLY IF THE SIZE OF EACH DESIGN IS THE SAME.

For example, if you require 1000 stickers, split between a blue design and a red design, then you will select 2 from the Number of Designs option. This will allow you to maximise your quantity discount and avoid keep on paying our minimum order charge.

By default we will split your order evenly over the number of designs (e.g. for 2 designs over 1000 stickers we will print each design 500 times). However, if you wish for us to split the sticker unevenly then please let us know by entering comments in the comment field during checkout.


Number of stickers per sheet?

For Sticker Sheet sticker type only

Choose from one of the options to tell us how many stickers will be on each sheet. This will help us determine the right cutting charge.


How do you want your stickers presented?

Choose from:

  1. Multiples on sheets
  2. Individual stickers

We can present your stickers on sheets or as individuals (for handouts).

Presentation on sheets is FREE OF CHARGE. However, we charge extra for presenting your stickers as individuals.

When you choose to have your stickers presented as sheets, the sheet size will be normally approximate to A4.


Number of colours?

For Metallic Stickers sticker type only

Tell us how many colours make up your metallic sticker design. Metallic stickers are printed using ‘spot colours’ with each colour laid down separately. We need to know how many colours are in your desing to calculate the print charge.


Do you want your corners square or rounded?

For certain sticker types and shapes (rectangle and square) you will be asked whether you want your corners rounded or square.  Choose from one of the following options:

  1. Square coners
  2. Rounded corners


How many do you want? / How many sticker sheets do you want?

This is simply the quantity of custom stickers (or sticker sheets) you require.  Select from one of the popular quantities on offer or enter ‘Other Quantity’ to enter your specific order quantity.

Artwork Guidelines

Download our Artwork Guidelines to ensure your custom stickers are produced exactly as expected.

Don’t get stuck with stickers…

A simple guide to choosing the right printing process for your vinyl sticker production.

Everyone knows the old saying ‘Horses for Courses’, but what’s that got to do with the printing of vinyl stickers you may ask. Put simply, there’s lots of ways of doing things, but there are also the best ways of doing things…

The world of print is wide and diverse. Stickers and self-adhesive labels are everywhere in our daily lives, just look around you; Logo stickers, Membership stickers, Floor stickers, Accreditation stickers, Car stickers, Website stickers, Plant Hire stickers, Bus side advertising stickers, stickers on sheets, stickers on rolls… It just goes on and on, and then on some more.

So where do all these stickers come from?

You know that you can’t make them on your desk top printer, so there must be a sticker printing machine available? As you’d imagine, it’s not quite as simple as all that…

Imagine a full length Advertising sticker on the side of a bus, a printed Floor Sticker in a supermarket aisle, or the sticker in your Car window. Of course they’re all printed vinyl stickers, they all convey a message, they’re all fundamentally the same thing, but they’re each made in entirely different ways. The problem for the would-be customer wanting to have vinyl stickers produced is understanding in which direction to head for the very best sticker printing deal and service; to find the company that can marry up the details of the job, to the best, fastest and most cost effective method of production.

A quick search of the internet will reveal 101 print firms offering everything from printed mugs to building sized plastic banners. But beware! The printing industry is a deceptive place for the unwary. It’s an industry that’s full to overflowing with trade re-sellers, print agencies, brokers, dealers and middle men all buying and selling, and adding their cut along the way.

What’s needed is to cut through the noise, and seek out the actual specialist vinyl and plastic printing companies from whom you can buy directly.

Back to the Horses and the Courses…

Fundamentally there are three tried and tested print processes for the printing of plastic and pvc vinyl: Traditional screenprinting, digital ink jet printing, or an adaption of conventional litho, or lithographic, printing. Each process has its strength, each its weaknesses. Here’s a very simple guide of which horse is best for which course:


Screenprinting is basically a stencilling process whereby ink is transferred on to the surface that is being printed, through a stencil, that is held in position on a fine woven fabric mesh.

The material on which the print will be made is placed directly under the taut mesh and the ink is forced through the stencilled mesh by the use of a rubber or polyeurathene ‘squeegee’.

The required artwork image is in negative form on the mesh, and so the ink passes through the open areas of the mesh, reproducing the image back in positive, readable form once printed. Screenprinting is a single colour print process. Many colours can be printed in the design, but only one colour at a time can be printed. A print job of several colours requires the same sheet to be passed through the printing press the corresponding amount of times to the colours required, each time through its own stencil.

Each print colour is dried before the next colour can be applied. It is in the drying process that the durability of the print is made. Although screenprinting is a very simple process, it creates results that are impossible to create in any other way, and can only be mimicked by other processes.

As each chosen colour is specially mixed before printing, there are no colour matching or colour balance problems created in other processes. If a specific pantone, pms, or spot colour is required, then screenprinting can hit the spot directly. The ink being printed is mixed before it goes onto the press, to the precise colour you choose.

As screenprinting is a ‘direct’ print process, the thickness of the ink layer laid down is much greater than with other processes. This thickness of ink film helps with opacity, durability and light fastness. Screenprinted inks will last much longer is harsh environments than ink printed by any other process. Ink used in the printing of self adhesive sticker pvc is actually a liquid pvc itself, and bonds to become part of the actual vinyl during drying.

To recap, screen print is the best process for printing long production runs of printed vinyl stickers, where colour matching, durability and a long outdoor life expectancy are required.

Digital inkjet printing

The most recent and cutting edge process to enter the print industry. Digital inkjet printing is an adaption of the technology used in every day desk top printers, but usually on a larger scale, and with the ability to print on to a pre-loaded roll, as well as trimmed sheets.

The artwork is finely sprayed in great detail on to the surface of the sticker material by a selection of printheads that pass back and forth across the width of the vinyl being printed. A CMYK process, required colours are created by the blending of transparent cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks onto the white surface of the self-adhesive material.

The wet ink is dried by a passing UV light, which ‘sets’ the ink on to the surface of the plastic.

Being a digital process, there is no requirement for printing plates, screens or other ‘set up’ costs associated with the other processes. Print set up in achieved in moments, there’s no waste created, and the finished prints are dry and ready to trim.

Strengths and weaknesses: Digital inkjet print is high resolution, pin sharp, and cost effective for smaller print volumes. A welcomed addition to the print industry that fills a gap for the production of smaller volume full colour printing on plastic, at low cost. Its inherent drawback is the speed of production, ruling it out as a high volume print process at this time.

Litho printing

The world of printing changed forever in 1769 when Alois Senefelder’s discovery of a new printing process named lithography.

Prior to Senefelders experiments utilising the long known fact that oil and water didn’t mix, the world of printing had been little altered since Glutenberg’s invention of moveable type, used in the ancient relief printing process known as letterpress. This letterpress process worked on the basis of inking a carved wooden plate, and then crushing it to a piece of paper under great pressure.

Using a flat, polished piece of limestone as a rudimentary printing plate, Senefelder realised that if an image was written on to the stones surface in a greasy wax, a thin layer of water applied to it, a greasy ink when rolled onto the stone would only key to the greased ‘image’, and be repelled by the remaining wet surface of the stone plate. From this greased, inked image, an exact print could be taken from the stone, over and over again, as long as the ink was continuingly replenished.

Lithography, or litho as it is better known, was born.

Long gone of course are the limestones, long since replaced by treated micro thin aluminium print plates, but the process of greasy ink not liking water has remained. Developed along the way into the most prolific printing process the world has ever known, sheet and reel fed litho is used as the predominant process for the production of most of the print now produced.

But, as you would expect, nothing is perfect, and litho has its own set of problems, although much outweighed by its many advantages. Printing onto anything other than paper or card was at the top of the problem list. Lightfastness of the printed image a close second. However, through continued development, litho presses have now been designed that can successfully produce work on thin and flexible plastics, pvc’s and self-adhesive vinyls.

Utilising specialist inks, created especially for the printing of high quality images on plastic, along with specialist UV drying equipment, litho is now the choice process for certain types of high quality, long run or high volume sticker printing.

Strengths and weaknesses: As a rotary process, the size of printing sheet is restricted, therefore limiting the size of the work that can be physically be printed.

Although lightfastness problems have been addressed, litho ink will only last outdoors for a limited period of time. Set up costs can be expensive on smaller runs, as the cost of machine plates, set up, and strip down at the end of the run is exactly the same for a short run as a long run. As it’s a very fast printing process, the cost of the machine set up is soon absorbed into longer run jobs, making it the absolute choice for certain specifications, and run lengths of printed plastic vinyl stickers.

And so to the conclusion…

As we’ve seen described above, there’s a little more to sticker printing than might be imagined…

It’s crucial that you seek out the right printer for the job in hand. What’s needed is a company that offers ALL of these print processes. One that can take your details and decide down which route to go, to give you the best printed vinyl stickers, for your end use, and at the very best competitive price.

Edge Stickers have 30 years of experience in the printing of every description of self-adhesive label, vinyl sticker, window cling, or printed self-adhesive graphic. Using screen ,litho and digital processes, we offer the best trade prices, direct to you from the back of our presses.

Stuck for stickers? Give Edge a call.



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  • BBC
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Classic FM
  • Costcutter
  • Flymo
  • Forestry Commission
  • Marks and Spencer
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  1. Neil MacLennan (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Very prompt production and delivery of the items.

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    My first order with EDGE, my first ever order with an on-line printing service, and the result was perfect and exactly as I wanted it. 10 different custom multi-colour decals which were proofed (a big thank you to Stephen at EDGE), printed, individually custom cut and delivered in a reasonable timeframe in a very carefully packaged parcel.

    I will be placing my second order with EDGE this week and I have absolute confidence they will repeat their excellent service time after time.

    I marked down the cost, not because it wasn’t competitive, but because I’m a Yorkshireman who’s lived in Scotland half his life. Being tight …. it’s in my DNA!?

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  3. Michael K.

    Edge Stickers have recently produced some sticker design samples for me and have exceeded most of my expectations. The designs were completed and delivered very quickly. The quality of the vinyl was far superior to other suppliers that I have used in the past. I will be using them for future bulk orders as they have proved I can rely on them to get the job done by supplying a quality product in a timely fashion. Whilst the bespoke product I have ordered is more expensive than other quotes/sample I have received from other suppliers, the quality and service is worth the extra cost.
    Mike Knight
    Offshore & Marine Safety Limited

  4. Paul

    Great customer service – although the order initially arrived wrong they were happy to collect the stickers and correct them at their own cost.

  5. Lewis B.

    Good product sample pack delivered very promptly.

  6. Alan H.

    Good quality, reasonable price, delivered on time

  7. Jenny S.

    We had a tight deadline to meet and they ensured the stickers came in time. Good quality and good value.

  8. Kim W.

    We are pleased with the stickers, but two points of note: The print quality is slightly grainy with a bit of banding on dark coloured areas, but not noticeable at a comfortable distance. Also, was expecting the sticker backing to be cut to the sticker shape, rather than the stickers placed on individual square sheets slightly bigger than the sticker. Otherwise, am pleased with the order.

  9. John N.

    Just what we wanted was delivered, well done.

  10. Tom S.

    marred by poor service. Had to chase at every stage and very slow

  11. Timm W.

    The are everything you’d expect, great quality fast turn around, reasonably price.

  12. Nathalie

    Happy with the quality of the stickers I realise however I should have used a darker grey font colour for the white and clear stickers but look great on the black ones as it’s coming out lighter than expected but that’s my fault.

  13. Matt D.

    Arrived timely and fitted perfectly.

  14. Matthew M.

    Well priced, good service, will use again. Only thing, some stickers (15-20) were face down to eachother and left them marked and discoloured.

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