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The custom sticker photos displayed in our gallery are examples of what we produce on a daily basis for our valued customers all over the United Kingdom. Use these photos to get ideas for your own sticker design.

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Edge Stickers offers the most comprehensive sticker printing service in the UK.

Our sticker gallery shows off the most commonly ordered stickers. The below 'quick guide' to stickers provides an explaination of the different types.

Sticker Printing Glossary

Bumper Stickers
Waterproof vinyl sticker that is stuck on the bumper of cars/vehicles
Car window decals
Also referred as ‘vinyl lettering’. These are cut out letters and shapes that are applied to to the outside of a car or van.
Car window stickers
Self adhesive vinyl stickers that are reverse printed, to be stuck on the inside of a car window, facing out.
Die-cut stickers
A vinyl sticker that has been cut to the same shape and size as its backing paper.
Extreme sports stickers
Outdoor vinyl sticker that is applied to sports equipment, suitable to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Floor stickers
Self-adhesive vinyl stickers, laminated with a protective anti-slip laminate, that are stuck to floor surfaces. These are often use for promotional purposes or for directional signage.
Fluorescent stickers
Bright neon or fluorescent printed stickers.
Footprint stickers
Footprint shaped stickers, often being floor stickers, used for directional signage.
Health and safety stickers
Safety stickers printed with standard safety sign colours and symbols.
Laminated stickers
Stickers that have been over-laminated with a protective transparent vinyl that gives extra protection against abrasion, solvent cleaners and UV light.
Lapel stickers
Small (often round) stickers that are stuck on the lapel of a suit, often used by charities as means of thanking contributors. /dd>
Large format stickers
Large stickers printed on large format digital sticker printers, often applied to billboards or in shop windows for maximum viewing distance and impact.
Membership stickers
These can either be reverse printed window stickers, or standard surface stickers, used by organisations, associations or clubs to promote or confirm membership.
Metallic stickers
Gold, silver or other metallic colour printed stickers.
Reflective stickers
Vinyl stickers, printed using a reflective vinyl that reflects light in low light or dark conditions.
Screen printed stickers
Vinyl stickers printed using screen printing methods, often in large quantities.
Spot colour stickers
Stickers printed in flat, specific colours, rather than process CMYK full colour.
Sticker sheets
Sheets (often A4 or A5) containing multiple stickers that have been kiss-cut to shape.
Transparent stickers
Transparent or clear self-adhesive vinyl stickers whereby the unprinted part of the sticker allows the colour of the surface to appear through the sticker. Transparent stickers are often printed using white or metallic ink.
Vinyl stickers
Outdoor weatherproof self-adhesive stickers, suitable to be applied on any flat clean and grease-free surface.
White printed stickers
Stickers that are printed with white ink. White ink is rarely printed since any white from a design is normally produced by the substrate itself. White ink is, therefore, often used when printing onto transparent vinyl.
Window stickers
These are stickers that are reverse-printed and then stuck on the inside of a window, facing out. It appears that the image has been printed on the sticky side of the sticker, whereas in fact the image has been simply reversed and printed on the non-sticky side. Window stickers are often used in shops, cars and offices.