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Why buy Vinyl Stickers from Edge?

Custom printed vinyl stickers are the essential choice when you need your stickers to endure all temperatures, weather and conditions, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

They are, perhaps, the most versatile, long lasting and vibrant way of promoting your brand or company as these stickers can be stuck onto virtually any clean, flat surface.

We make vinyl stickers in a wide variety of sizes, from the smallest sticker being only a few millimetres in width, to large format stickers designed for window displays or billboards, several metres in width. These stickers are also used as self-adhesive signs on machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Personalised to your Taste

We treat each order as unique.

Your vinyl stickers will be custom printed from your own artwork or design. A digital proof will be supplied before going to print.

We can cut your stickers to any shape including bespoke or custom shaped (e.g. footprint? cloud? bubble?), and supplied as individual stickers, or on multiple sticker sheets.


Our vinyl stickers are printed with UV resistant inks that can endure sunlight for many years without fading. With extra lamination they can be preserved even longer, and be protected from abrasion and chemicals such as solvent cleaners.

Choice of Finish

Choose from a glossy or matt finish depending on the desired look and feel.

Choice of Adhesive

Choose from an ‘easy peel’ removable adhesive or a permanent adhesive. For more specialised adhesive such as super tack or vandal resistant adhesive, please call our sales team.

How to order

For short run jobs you can order vinyl stickers directly from our online ordering page for custom printed stickers.

For larger quantity pricing enquiries or orders, call or email us for the best discounted trade prices. We’re here to help.

Vinyl Stickers from our Gallery

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Vinyl stickers are 100% waterproof and suitable for outdoor use and in high humidity environments.
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Further Information

Hard-wearing Stickers for Hard-working Machines

Not all stickers are there for decoration. Some are there to help the owner or the user of the device they’re on. However, even the stickers that impart information on household appliances like washing machines and coffee makers don’t have to stay in place for the lifetime of the item. Once the owner knows how often to perform a tub-cleaning wash or descale the coffee machine, they become redundant.

Some stickers are there for the duration

Some stickers, however, have to stay around for years at a time, often under harsh and demanding conditions. These are the labels and stickers found on plant machinery and other industrial appliances that have to withstand some seriously rough treatment.

Tough but fair

These labels have to be extra-tough so that they carry on imparting their vital information no matter what the weather or the temperature, or whatever their working environment throws at them.

These stickers are essential because they provide safety information, instructions, warnings and important contact details to operators and other workers. In the case of potentially dangerous equipment, these stickers have to be highly-visible and also very clear. The letters and images on them mustn’t fade or rub off over time, even if the equipment is prone to abrasion or exposed to harsh chemicals.

Size doesn’t matter…

…as long as the information is clearly visible. Some safety stickers will need to be small because they have to fit into a small corner of the equipment, or onto personal protection equipment. Others will be at least A4 or A3 size and maybe even larger so that workers know immediately to steer clear of a particular area of a machine while it’s in operation.

Construction sites are hectic places and if several different contractors are working there at the same time, then it’s important to know which one owns which piece of machinery or equipment. It’s just as important for stickers bearing the company logo to stand the test of time as well as H&S stickers and for this information to be as immediate.

Extra protection

Whatever the size of the label, it must be incredibly durable, which is why many plant operators choose to have their stickers in laminated form. For especially harsh environments, there are stickers that are covered in resin domes. Both of these protective coverings mean that the lettering underneath stays clear, sharp and unaffected by UV light, for example.

Alternatively, a company may need to write on a sticker over and over again; after electrical and other safety checks, for example. This means that a sticker has to have a special laminate film over it and that’s something that Edge Stickers can do for you.

Talk to us

We don’t just do the softer side of stickers here at Edge, we can be strong as well as sensitive. So, if you’re looking to commission an order of durable, ultra-adhesive labels and stickers to keep your workforce safe and your machinery secure, give us a call on 01347 823 230 and we’ll talk you through your needs.

The meaning of lightfastness

Here’s an example of a common misunderstanding, or mix up in translation, of the meaning of ‘lightfastness’ with regards to sticker printing.

window stickers showing colour fade

As you’ll see, here are two window stickers that will have started life looking identical, but ending up looking very different…

The problem is a misunderstanding of print processes, and what they’re capable of producing…or not producing in this case.

The sticker to the left was Screenprinted, using lightfast pantone special green mixed colours, and retains all of its original vibrancy.

The sticker to the right is actually more recent, and was produced by others, using the wrong process for the job in hand, who should have known better. As you’ll see, the green has actually faded to blue, as the yellow element of the mix has quickly faded away, and far from the brand colour guidelines!

Lightfastness of printing ink is measured on a scale known as the Blue Wool Scale. Historically, this was a method of measuring how much dyed fabric faded, over a given time, compared to a sample that was kept away from sunlight.

The scale is used in the same way for printing ink, and the test involves exposing a print sample to direct sunlight for a period of three months, and then comparing it to a ‘control’ sample that is hidden from the sun. The amount of fading is given a fade rating on a scale of 0 to 8, 0 denoting any lightfastness at all.

To add to the confusion, different colours in printing ink have different Blue Wool ratings. Of the traditional CYMK, 4 colour process or Full colour process (they’re all names for the same thing) the M or Magenta, followed quickly by Y or Yellow are the first to fade by quite a long measure.

Time and time again we see Window Stickers, Window posters and general Outdoor display print of which the colour has simply faded away, leaving only a drained and faded version of its former glory, bereft of any life and colour, behind.

"But my printer said he uses UV ink!"

Maybe he does, but all is not what it seems here either…

UV ink refers to printing ink that is dried using UV light. UV ink isn’t necessarily UV stable, (or lightfast.)

In a nutshell, work produced using the Litho, or Lithographic process just isn’t lightfast. If in any doubt at all, just ask your printer to give you a guarantee of expected lightfastness.

Work produced by the Screenprinting process is very lightfast, and can give years of un-faded colour reproduction.

Some digital print processes can create a lightfast result, but again, best to check!

If in any doubt, call us at Edge Stickers on 01347 823230, and we’ll talk you through the best, and most suitable way of producing your work…that won’t fade.

Your vinyl stickers will be printed by screenprinting, litho plastic printing, or digital inkjet wide format printing technology. As we are one of the few sticker companies in the UK that have all of these processes available to us, we will always choose the most suitable and cost effective method to produce your order.

Designed to last for years in all weathers, your stickers will comprise a thin printable waterproof film with an adhesive backing. They are designed to be used on any clean, grease-free, smooth surface.

Vinyl self-adhesive stickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are resistant to water, steam, frost, seawater, petroleum and other chemicals. They have a lifespan measured in years.

These stickers are widely used for promotional branding, safety notification, product identification and decoration purposes.

Common uses include:

• Large custom vinyl stickers
• Large custom vinyl decals
• Machinery stickers
• Outdoor vinyl decal stickers
• Skateboard stickers
• Hazard labelling stickers
• Product labelling
• Branding labels
• Car bumper stickers
• Marketing and sales promotions
• Multi sticker sheets
• Sports equipment labelling
• Recycling bin stickers
• Plant Hire stickers
• Wheelie bin stickers

Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

  • BBC
  • Classic FM
  • Costcutter
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Starbucks
  • Superdry
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • Flymo
  • Suzuki
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Portakabin
  • Forestry Commission
  • Northern Rail