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By David Willis © 2019

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Waterproof Printed Stickers

Self-adhesive vinyl is, perhaps, one of the most popular choices for outdoor stickers. This is due to its waterproof and all-weather properties. Unlike paper stickers vinyl stickers will repel the water and will not deteriorate when used outdoors.

Take a look at the video demonstrations at the bottom of this article that show vinyl stickers being immersed in water and even being pressure washed!

Even the adhesive used on vinyl stickers has properties that repel water. Once these stickers have been applied to a surface they can be completely immersed in water. Not only can they be used for outdoor promotions and advertising, but they can be used on boats, canoes, kayaks and all forms of equipment used in or near water.

waterproof sticker

Edge Stickers even has customers that use vinyl stickers on deep-sea diving tanks!

Cold Conditions

Vinyl stickers with a permanent adhesive can be used in cold conditions, even to extremities of below -40°C. This allows this type of sticker to be used in wintery and icy conditions. Vinyl stickers can even be used in a freezer (albeit they would need to be initially applied at a minimum temperature of 5°C before they can subjected to the cold).

Due to the temperature tolerance of these stickers we are able to manufacture them to be used on a variety of winter sports equipment such as skis, ski helmets, ski boots, snowboards, snow blades and snow mobiles.

Hot Conditions

At the other extreme vinyl stickers (with a permanent adhesive) can also withstand hot temperatures, quite comfortably dealing with temperatures up to 80°C. For short periods (up to 1 hour) they can even withstand temperatures up to 110°C.

Video demonstrations

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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