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What are QR Code Stickers?

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QR code stickers are stickers printed with a binary code, that when scanned by a digital device such as a smartphone, sends the user to a defined web site address.

Link Your Digitally Printed Stickers To The Digital Realm

According to a recent study the number of QR code scans increased 4,549% between 2010 and 2011* with no slowdown in sight for the next few years. It is estimated that 22% of the Fortune 500 companies have recently used QR codes in print marketing.

QR code sticker, printed using thermal printers

* "The rise of QR codes" queaar 2011

So What Exactly Are QR Codes And How Can They Enhance Your Stickers?

QR codes are binary codes when read by a QR reader (a scan software, free to download on smart phones) tell the software to perform some action. Usually, this action is to direct the smartphone or device to a URL.

How Does This Differ From Simply Printing A Simple URL On Your Stickers?

Firstly, the QR ready automatically opens a browser and goes to the URL in question without the need to key in the URL address.

Secondly, and most importantly, the URL that the QR code points to can be made to change or redirected. This allows for a very powerful marketing tool that can be dynamic. The URL can be redirected from one month to the next depending on which promotion you decide to run. From the user point of view a different web page will be seen each time the QR Code is scanned.

QR Codes, Therefore, Allow You To Dynamically Link Your Stickers To The Digital Realm

According to Xerox**49% of print professionals agree that variable data printing has increased profits.

** "The Future of Print" Xerox 2013

When printed onto stickers your QR code can be made to make your money! This is a very exciting prospect for many businesses.

How Can I Add A QR Code To My Custom Stickers?

Discuss your requirement with your favourite sticker printer. If they are experienced they will have specialised software that can create a QR code for the URL of your choice. This can be easily incorporated into your sticker design.

QR codes can be printed on any type of sticker, whether a car window sticker, standard vinyl sticker, or even a floor sticker.

David Willis
David Willis
This article was written by David Willis, a print entrepreneur and respected industry expert.

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