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What is a sticker sheet?

Sticker sheets are sheets of self-adhesive vinyl or paper, kiss cut with any number of individual stickers, presented on a backing sheet e.g A4, A5, A6 or custom sizes. The sheets are usually printed with graphics.

What size are sticker sheets? How big is a sticker sheet?

As with all our stickers, the sticker sheets are custom made and can therefore be produced at any size to suit your requirements and designs. The most popular sizes are A4, A5 and A6.

The individual stickers that are kiss cut (this is when the sticker is cut out but the backing paper is not cut) can be any shape and size. The individual stickers can be various different sizes on the same sheet or they can be all the same.

How many individual stickers can you have on a custom printed sticker sheet?

There are no set numbers of stickers per sheet, this is defined by the size and shape of the required stickers and the overall sheet size. Each sticker must be spaced at least 3mm (this refers to the cutter line) from the nearest sticker (cutter line) on all edges.

What are sticker sheets used for?

Sticker sheets are becoming increasingly popular as a giveaway item for brands and products.

How much does it cost to make custom sticker sheets?

The price depends on a variety of factors, this includes the overall dimensions of the sheet, the number of individual stickers on the sheets, the type of material it is produced on and the quantity of sheets required in total.

How do you make a sticker sheet?

The graphics are printed directly onto the surface of the vinyl. The sheets are then kiss cut with all the individual images and stickers before they are cut down into the required sheet sizes.

Can sticker sheets be printed on transparent vinyl?

Yes the transparent vinyl can be printed and cut to produce sheets of stickers, these can be underpinned with white to strengthen the colours if required.

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