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Why buy Window Stickers from Edge?

Window stickers are reverse-printed graphics that adhere to the inside of a glass window through the use of a low-tac adhesive or static cling material. They are used in cars, shops, offices and even homes.

The winow stickers produced by Edge Stickers are produced using a high quality pvc vinyl material that is long-lasting and durable. We offer a complete custom window printing service, from design to production, and tailor each job whether small orders or many millions of units. We leverage our own in-house methods of digital and silk screen printing. For some small jobs we use thermal transfer.

Uses and Application

Our services are regularly used by radio stations, charities, marketing campaigns, membership organisations, motor trade and other retailers. They are great at creating awarenesss of your message or brand and are widely used by web-based accreditation or comparison sites, business branding, restaurant and hotel guides, as well as by retail outlets for use in their Point of Sale and sales promotions.

Size Guidelines

We make your bespoke order to virtually any size, quantity or shape. They can be produced up to 1500mm in width and to any length.

Choice of material

In fulfilling your requirements we draw from a variety of vinyl material, some with adhesive properties, and others without. Generally, these fall into one of three categories: (1) Static-cling (non-adhesive), (2) self-adhesive removable and (3) self-adhesive permanent.

Production Methods

Edge Stickers is one of the limited number of UK all-round printers offering digital, litho and screen production options. In doing so we are able to choose the most economical and suitable method of making your order.

Trade Prices

Depending on the size of your order we can offer you several choices of how we would realise your creative project. Our online pricing tool will offer you the best prices for short-run jobs. However, for larger jobs it is best to contact us by phone or email to ensure we can offer you our best trade prices.

Our prices for larger quantities are simply the most competitive in the market, and over the years we have produced many millions of vinyl window stickers (sometimes also called window decals) for thousands of customers.

Window Stickers from our Gallery

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Further Information

Custom window sticker printing in pantone colour matched, cymk full colour, or metallic inks.

These are carefully printed onto transparent self adhesive vinyl, with a peel off backing paper. They are designed to stick to the inside of a glass window surface, to be viewed from the outside. It would appear that the artwork is printed on the ‘sticky’ side, but in reality, this isn’t the case.

Once your artwork has hit our production line it is mirror printed backwards onto the non sticky surface side of a clear self adhesive sheet. Next, a solid white or background colour is laid all across the back of the design. Once the item is trimmed to its finished size or shape, it is ready to use. Once peeled off it’s backing paper, the colourful design is revealed. The artwork is seen through the adhesive and the clear film of pvc. The print is actually on the other side of the sticker, but is seen clearly since it was printed onto transparent vinyl.

Backing Paper Print

Not only can the self-adhesive vinyl display your design, but we also offer you the option to print onto the backing paper.

This can be used to provide more information, or to further enhance your promotion, such as a discount voucher or a sponsorship opportunity.

Window Sticker Printing. The professional way!

Your custom design can be printed in a variety of ways at:

Large format digital: Ideal for runs of 100’s to 1000’s. Also perfect for printing very large designs in smaller quantities.

Silkscreen: The only effective way of producing accurate pantone matched colours, or metallic inks. Also the most cost effective print option for long runs of simple designs of 1 or 2 colours.

Litho: For full colour work of large quantities of 10,000’s or 100,000’s litho cannot be beaten on price or quality. However, lightfastness in direct sunlight can be an issue with this process.

White Backing

Window decals are reverse-printed onto a transparent vinyl. Whilst we do not have to add a white backing we do strongly recommend adding a solid white underlay so the image appears strong, without becoming translucent.

We can also personalise your job with a custom shaped backing if required (again please call or email us to discuss these options).

Making the cut..Size and shape options

Our machines can cut to just about any size or shape. Although most vinyl stickers are guillotined to rectangular or square shapes, we offer a variety of ways of giving you the choice of custom shapes. As you expect from one of the UK’s leading sticker ompanies, we have a full range of guillotining, die cutting, forme cutting and cad cutting equipment. It’s this array of the best print finishing equipment that enables us to produce high quality sticker in any colour, size, shape or quantity that you wish.

How are Window Stickers Made?

Not all window stickers are actually ‘stickers’, as some of them work without any adhesive, but nevertheless the printing process is the same regardless of which type of material is used.

So first of all, let’s see how the printing part works…

Although you’d probably imagine that the plastic is printed, and then the ‘sticky’ is coated onto the print, it doesn’t actually work like that. Window stickers start life as a clear plastic film, (with or without an adhesive layer). The clear plastic film comes already with a paper or thin card backing paper. If it is a true ‘sticker’, the glue holds the backing paper in position. If it’s a self-cling sticker, the film ‘clings’ to the shiny backing paper on its own.

On to the exposed side of the clear film, the artwork is printed in reverse, mirror -image, wrong-reading, or however you want to describe it. Over this reverse printed artwork, a solid, usually white, solid layer of ink is printed, trapping the artwork print underneath it. So, when the sticker is peeled off it’s backing, the print is revealed.

What you’re actually looking at is the print, through the thickness of the clear film, and through the clear glue..(in the case of a ‘sticker’) Clever, but very simple! As you’ll see, the printing part of the process has nothing to do with the actual type of ‘sticker’ you would like to produce. Care needs to be taken to work out how ‘sticky’ the customer would like the sticker to be, or how long they want it to remain on the window.

At this point the correct choice of material is necessary. If the window sticker is a temporary or promotional graphic, that only needs to remain in place few a matter of days or weeks, then a static ‘self cling’ pvc might be the material of choice. This is a soft, shiny highly plasticised clear film that sticks to the window without any glue or adhesive. The great advantage of this material is that it can be easily removed without leaving any mess behind on the glass. It’s also easy to apply, as you can simply have another go, if you get it wrong the first time!

If the sticker or graphic needs to remain in place for a longer spell, but you’d still like it to come off later, then you might choose a clear self adhesive vinyl with a REMOVABLE adhesive. This is basically a thin clear film with a thin coating of adhesive that holds it in place on the glass. It’s easy to peel off for the first part of it’s life, but does stick harder the longer you leave it in position!

For long term stickers and graphics, then a clear self adhesive vinyl with a PERMANENT adhesive should be used.

Apart from the obvious advantages of a nice long useful lifespan, be careful putting these type of stickers on…you only get one chance, and it’s very easy to get air bubbles trapped underneath, that will look terrible for ever more!

Window stickers (or custom window decals) are used by many different organisations to promote brand awareness.

Please note, these are just some of the uses that our customers have offered:

  • To advertise radio station frequencies and other media
  • Car dealership promotion
  • Advertise membership of societies, clubs, organistations and groups
  • Events and shows
  • Car parking permits
  • Insurance companies
  • MOT testing stations and breakdown companies
  • Very popular with charities as a free giveaway when donating to create awareness
  • Spread a campaign message and create awareness

5 Great Ways to Use Window Stickers

Window stickers are just one of those things that keeps reiventing itself. Here are five possible uses you may use them for:

No.1 - A "No Cold Calling" Sticker

Put a No Cold Calling window sticker on porch window and you won't be bothered by unwanted salesmen again. In fact, according to recent advice, ignoring such a notice may be deemed a criminal offence.

No Cold Calling window stickers are a great solution for housing associations, halls of residence, campuses, apartment blocks and for individual residences. They could also be easily used for businesses too.

No.2 - A "No Smoking" Sticker

A reverse printed No Smoking window sticker is a great way to enforce your no smoking policy in and around your premises.

Available in static cling or self-adhesive vinyl, this is a very common use of a window sticker.

Useful for businesses, public places, shops, museums, sports facilities etc.

No.3 - A Parking Permit Sticker

This is perhaps the most common form of car window sticker.

Placed inside a car window it allows owners of a car park to control who has access, thereby facilitating car park management.

The car park stickers can be generic or printed with a sequential number.

Used by businesses and housing associations.

No.4 - A Membership Sticker

Membership stickers are often given to retail outlets to display in their shop windows as proof of membership to an professional association, trading scheme or other organisation.

The company offering the sticker gains by increasing overall public awareness for their scheme, while the outlet benefits from the increased customer assurance.

Used by retail outlets and small businesses.

No.5 - A "For Sale" Sticker

Typically used in retail outlets, this type of window sticker is widely used to attract would-be customers into the shop.

Everybody loves a sale, but how do you announce to the world your heavily reduced prices and spectacular bargains? No doubt, a very effective way is to decorate your shop window with an array of brightly coloured "for sale" stickers and other window decals.

Window stickers can come in removable adhesive, so if you are careful to keep the orginal special coated release paper then you can remove your stickers once finished and place them back on the backing sheet, ready for next year!

To save our customers money, we now allow orders to be split over multiple designs as long as the DIMENSIONS OF EACH DESIGN IS THE SAME

For example, if you require 1000 stickers, split between a blue design and a red design, then you will select 2 from the Number of Designs option (use the option "Do you want you sticker order split over multiple designs?") from the custom stickers order page.

This will allow you to maximise your quantity discount and avoid paying twice our minimum order charge.

By default we will split your order evenly over the number of designs (e.g. for 2 designs over 1000 stickers we will print each design 500 times). However, if you wish for us to split the sticker unevenly then please let us know by entering comments in the comment field during the order process.

Large orders are best screenprinted, providing the artwork consists of solid spot colours. This may require a further discussion so do please contact us if you are requiring high volumes.

Download our Artwork Guidelines to ensure your custom stickers are produced exactly as expected.

Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

  • BBC
  • Portakabin
  • Superdry
  • Suzuki
  • Starbucks
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Costcutter
  • Forestry Commission
  • Flymo
  • Northern Rail
  • Classic FM
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • Balfour Beatty